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Australian Engine Suppliers / Australian General Rotary Parts Suppliers

Australian Rotary Engine suppliers

Note: I am in Australia so I will not be maintaining information about vendors from other countries (see my LINKS page for websites of several of them)
Several companies import engines from Japan for sale in Australia. Generally speaking, these engines are cut out of the car in Japan with an angle grinder (including going straight through the wiring loom, all hoses/pipes and engine mounts. They are then put into an open top shipping container along with a few hundred other engines. While they are fairly careful about this, accessories are often damaged (bent oil pans etc).

I understand that most of these companies can arrange to send an engine to you if you are overseas, but shipping would be fairly expensive.
All prices are $Australian (multiply by 0.8 to get $US), and were about right in January 1997

There is also a large list of car wreckers in the 'Partsnet' system which can supposedly track down any part.
Note that only a few on this list will have any Mazda related items.

East Keilor Wreckers (Melbourne, Australia)
EKW are the biggest supplier in Melbourne. They supply many of the smaller
engine sellers in Melbourne. However, their supply of rotaries from Japan is variable
They accept all major credit cards.
In the past they have sold 12A Turbo/13B Turbo/13B-REW,
gearboxes, wiring looms etc. I have not ever heard of them having 20B's
Website is only contact details plus a short engine list.
(No rotaries shown at March 2001)
Phone Fax Postal WWW & email
+613 274 4444 +613 9274 4442 EKW Estate,
44-80 Hampstead Rd,
Maidstone 3012,

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Adelaide Jap Dismantlers (Adelaide, Australia)
The biggest supplier in Adelaide (I think)
I understand that they have sold a wide range of rotaries including 20B's.
Website prices March 2001:
12A turbo $1250 / Gearbox $450
13B Turbo $1350 / Gearbox $450 / Engine package inc wiring $2200
13B-REW $2250
20B in Cosmo front cut $6550 (See email message below)
Phone Fax Postal WWW & email
+618 8369 1156 +618 8369 1194 19 Jacobsen Crescent,
Holden Hill,
South Australia,


JAP Performance (Sydney, Australia)
Claim they can import any engine or front cut from Japan (for a price)
Currently (March 2001) there are several cheap 13B turbo packages for sale.
Phone Fax Postal WWW & email
+612 9601 6715 +612 9821 4525 6 Kelso Crescent,
New South Wales,

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Mazspeed (Brisbane, Australia)
This place is a rotary modification workshop in Brisbane.
NO, it is not the Mazda performance division mazDAspeed)
They say they can freight engines overseas.
Prices unavailable, but would be about the same as others listed here.
They also build 20B engines for both Street and Racing use.
Phone Fax Postal WWW & email
+617 5596 5866 +617 5596 3694 Factory 4,
23 Lawrence Drive,
Nerang 4211,
Seach web for latest details


Ichiban Performance Engines (Sydney, Australia)
Japanese (and some European) engine importer.
See web site for prices (Example Jan 1998-
12A Rotary Turbo engine $1300 (~$US 910)
13B Rotary Turbo Series 4 engine $1450 (~$US 1015)
20B Triple Rotor Twin Sequential Turbo $2950 (~ $US 2065)
13B Rotary Turbo Series Four with 5 speed transmission$1995 (~$US 1396)
13B Rotary Turbo Series Five with 5 speed transmission $2495. (~$US 1746)
Phone Fax Postal WWW & email
+612 9600 7066 +612 9601 3076 13 Cunningham Street,
Sydney NSW 2170,

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Here is an edited email I received on 10 March 2001 from a person in the US who had just bought a 20B:

I just cancelled the one I bought from Adelaide Jap Dismantlers, I paid $Aus 6550 and I found it cheaper at Ichiban for $Aus 3995 but I have to find my own shipping, but what's weird was when I called Ichiban the day before the guy told me $2975 and when I called back the next day he said $3995, then I call couple minutes later and he told me $4995! They give out different prices every minute and I told him that I had just called like couple minutes ago and I was given $3995 so he gave it to me for that. Kinda sucks, if I would've agreed the day before on $2975, it would've been great. But the motor I'm buying has a crack on of the rotor housings on the back, he told me I can just run a remote oil filter or something, but I might just buy another rotor housing when it gets here, I'm having it fully rebuilt anyway!

I called so many places, prices were from $4000-9000
Adelaide is getting a complete front cut in 3 weeks which was the one I was supposed to purchase, that one is going for $6000. The reason why I backed out with that one is because I don't need a complete front cut since I'm tossing the ECU and the wiring because I'm going to use an aftermarket computer, so I just need "Engine Only"

( occasionally have 20B's for sale. Usually fairly expensive and I understand that they source the engines from much the same places anyway).

General Rotary Parts Suppliers

MAZTECH of Melbourne
This company will send items overseas using the DPE courier company.
If you fax them a letter describing what you want they will fax a quote back to you.
Then you fax them with payment details (i.e. credit card) and refer to the quote, and
they will get your order sent to you as soon as the parts are available.

As an example, an owner of an NSU Ro80 in the UK wanted some carbon apex
seals. Maztech could get early 12A carbon seals in that day and arrange for
them to be machined down to the size required for the NSU engine.
Phone Fax Postal WWW & email
+613 9416 8411 +613 9416 9516 25 Reserve Street,
Preston, Victoria 3072
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